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Top quality glass made for every day needs.

Eco Glass Production, a glass manufacturing plant in South Florida, determined to provide excellence and quality.

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Our Facility

Located in the city of Medley, Florida. Our facility brings to you the most realible and affordable glass in the market.

Our Glass, Our Commitment

We offer a highly rated impact glass created using the latest technologies and systems available in the industry. We do not undervalue the important role our glass plays in your life, and in doing so, we are committed to a quality product, produced by top-rated machinery and a top-rated team.

Quality is our staple, safety is our goal.

Eco Glass Production, CEO

EGS Sales

Eco Glass Production has an industry-defining and unique sales system (EGS Sales) that allows you to estimate any project for free. Our unique web application has reshaped the future of the industry, by providing our clients with a fast and flexible approach to placing glass orders.


EGS Sales is 100% compatible on all platforms. Desktops, phones or tablets.


You can estimate a single sheet of glass or a whole project in seconds.


EGS count with more than 20 presets shapes. Tombstones, Arcs, Circles, Fans...

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In our Brochure, you can find our line of products. Colors, thickness, composition and the best use of any single of them.