Insulated Laminated

Insulated glass is used in a wide variety of spaces where energy saving and heat control is of a high priority. It is a popular and cost-effective way of improving energy efficiency and in doing so significantly reducing power costs. Our insulated glass is sealed using a polyisobutylene (PIB) seal and is infused with argon gas to improve heat transference. Guaranteeing the air gap in between the lites of glass remains dry indefinitely.

Warehouse IL line

Spacers are used within two lites of glass for separation and come in different material and finishes. EcoGlass Production currently provides two spacer options, Super Spacer ® TriSeal TM, and Aluminum Spacer.

Argon inner space

Super Spacer ® TriSeal TM

Super Spacer ® TriSeal TM is the premium choice for all your commercial insulating needs including silicone structural glazing. Super Spacer TriSeal provides a unique triple seal design which incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling, a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention.